Where Will LJ Land?

November 10th, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Larry JohnsonNa na na na.
Na na na na.
Hey hey hey.

The best scenario for the Chiefs would be that somebody would claim Larry Johnson off of waivers, which would mean that the Chiefs would not be on the hook for any of LJ’s remaining 2009 salary. But I don’t expect that to happen. Teams will wait for him to become a free agent, and then consider signing him to a much smaller contract. The Chiefs then must be the difference in the contracts for the remainder of the year.

I expect LJ to find a team before the season is out, but it might be a few weeks down the road. Who might be interested in him? Certainly a team with an injury in their backfield might come calling. Or a team in contention with a poor running game. Here are a couple thoughts:

Chicago Bears: The Bears are 4-4 and could use some help in their running game. They are currently ranked 28th in the league in rushing. And when the weather turns cold in Chicago, they’re going to want to be able to run the ball.

New England Patriots: The Pats are known for taking a few risks. They have a strong enough locker room that they can absorb a personality like LJ. And they could use a boost in their running game, which is currently ranked 16th in the league.

Washington Redskins: Though the Redskins aren’t a contender, owner Daniel Snyder might be inclined to add LJ to their offense. Clinton Portis has not run the ball effectively this year, and Snyder might be willing to take a chance on Johnson. It would be a mistake, but I could see it happening.

There are a number of other teams who are having trouble running the ball this year including the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks, but neither would appear to be a good choice for LJ. We’ll see soon enough.

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