Quick Hits from November 18, 2009

November 18th, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Wow. Lots going on in local sports the last couple of days.

Mark Mangino and KU FootballMark Mangino and KU Football
Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins, responding to complaints from current and former players, held a private meeting with the entire KU football team. It appears that he will conduct an investigation into complaints of verbal and possible physical abuse of the players.

The most interesting take I’ve seen is by Star columnist Jason Whitlock relating Mangino’s weight problems to his anger problems. I’m not always a fan of Jason’s writing, but this is worth the read. (See Jason’s article here.) I’m not sure that I agree with Jason. But I’m not entirely sure that I don’t.

Mangino is a bully. We’ve known for years that he berates his players and assistant coaches. A bully is often tolerated while they’re winning. See Bill Parcells and Bobby Knight. But once they start losing, all hell breaks loose. I guess I’m not surprised.

At this point my expectation is that Mangino, who is just a few games away from becoming the winningest coach in KU football history, will not be a Jayhawk next year.

LJ Becomes a Bengal
Cincinnati is an interesting landing spot for Larry Johnson. Just a couple of years ago, the Bengals were in disarray. Players were getting arrested. The team was infested with bad attitudes. They acknowledged their mistakes, and worked to clean up the team. Now they’re 7-2 and the surprise of the NFL. So what do they do? They sign Larry Johnson.

LJ is low risk financially. The Chiefs are on the hook for most of his money. The Bengals signed him to a league minimum contract. But as we well know, he’s not low risk. He carries a ton of personal baggage. Though he can probably stay on good behavior long enough to finish the season with the Bengals.

LJ had some interesting things to say about Kansas City. (“It was a relationship that was souring in Kansas City, and being in a small market,” Johnson said, “every little thing I say is going to be blown up to mythical proportions. (Scott) Pioli and Todd (Haley) felt it was the best way to silence the whole situation was to let me go.”) I guess somehow it’s our fault that he’s stupid.

Dwayne Bowe Suspended
Bowe showed up at training camp this year 30 pounds over weight. We know now how he lost the weight so quickly. Bowe has been suspended for four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy by taking diuretics to lose weight. Great job Dwayne.

Zack Wins Cy Young Award
In a landslide, Kansas City’s own Zack Greinke wins the American League Cy Young Award. Zack certainly earned it. Many of us were a little worried that the tarnish from the Royals would somehow rub off on Greinke. Though I did predict this win weeks ago.

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