PolitiFact and Preventative Medicine

August 22nd, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

I’ve been a political junkie for years. I enjoy reading about politics, and trying to understand why things happen the way they do. I’m a registered independent with no love for either party, so watching the Republicans and Democrats go at it for me is almost as much fun as a good football game between two teams that aren’t my hometown team. I’m not talking about issues here. Just the posturing of the two parties, and how each chooses to push their agendas.

Two quick things to cover in this post.

One, I enjoy reading the site PolitiFact. They take comments made by politicians, media and activists, and break them down with their Truth-o-Meter. They are fairly unbiased, and put good thought and research into their comments. I don’t always agree with their conclusions, but I’ve gotten to the point that I trust their intent.

And secondly, while I don’t intend to jump into the middle of the great healthcare debate right now, there is a PolitiFact post that is relevant and meaningful to claims made by the administration. One ongoing discussion I’ve had with people for years is preventative medicine. Many have made the case that if our insurance companies encouraged preventative medicine, that it would drive down costs, and lead to better healthcare for the insured. My primary disagreement with this assertion has always been, do you not think that the insurance companies have already studied this? Insurance companies are in business to make money. If they thought that pushing preventative medicine would reduce their costs, they’d do it. PolitiFact, citing studies from the Congressional Budget Office,  American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society, agrees that preventative medicine would not necessarily reduce costs. Read more here.


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