Point Differential and the Chiefs

October 19th, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

ChiefsI enjoy looking at the numbers and attempting to understand what gives them relevance. One stat often overlooked in football is point differential. How many more points does a team score than it gives up? Or for a bad team, how many more points does it give up than it scores?

The reason I find this stat informative is because it really shows how poorly a team is playing on BOTH sides of the ball.

In the Chiefs case, they’re -46 in point differential, meaning they’ve given up 46 more points than they’ve scored this season. Sounds bad. And it certainly ain’t good.

But there are six teams that are worse:

St. Louis Rams: -115
Tennessee Titans: -114
Detroit Lions: -85
Cleveland Browns: -79
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -79
Oakland Raiders: -77

The Chiefs have played one of the most difficult schedules in the league, yet they’ve been quite a bit more competitive than these six teams. And after watching Washington yesterday, I would certainly list the Redskins among the worst teams in the league.

Maybe the Chiefs aren’t quite as bad as we thought. Or maybe there’s just a lot more bad out there than usual.

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