Offseason Priority #1 — New Coordinators

December 11th, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis. Two names. Two coordinators. And the New England tradition continues in Kansas City.

The Chiefs were slow getting out of the gates last year. After the season, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt took some time in hiring Scott Pioli as the team’s new general manager. Pioli took some time to evaluate his surroundings before dismissing head coach Herm Edwards and moving forward hiring Todd Haley. By the time Haley and Pioli began building the coaching staff, the best names had already been acquired elsewhere.

Charlie WeisOffensive Coordinator
It’s common for a team to retain a coach or two to help with the transition for a new staff. Chan Gailey was kept as offensive coordinator from Herm’s staff. I like Chan, and had really liked his ability to adapt the offense around Tyler Thigpen in 2008. Gailey also has head coaching experience, which would have helped with Haley’s transition to head coach. Firing Gailey near the end of the preseason was puzzling. It certainly hurt the development of the offense to change gears at such a late point in the preseason. And it didn’t do Haley any favors when he’s still trying to learn how to be a head coach. It’s hard to predict whether Charlie Weis would be interested in coming to work for Haley and Pioli after his dismissal from Notre Dame, but he would be a great hire for the Chiefs. It wouldn’t surprise me if he took a year off from football. He’s certainly the biggest name available. And he has ties to both Haley (they were assistants together with the Jets) and Pioli (when Weis worked for New England).

Romeo CrennelDefensive Coordinator
The Chiefs hired Clancy Pendergast who had been the defensive coordinator for the Cardinals, but didn’t name his as defensive coordinator for the Chiefs until weeks later. Though it’s never been confirmed, many believe that the Chiefs were attempting to hire Romeo Crennel as their defensive coordinator. The Chiefs would be well served to make another run at Crennel. Romeo is a fine coordinator, and like Weis, has head coaching experience. Between the Chiefs getting their late start, and their inability to land Crennel, Kansas City missed out on some great defensive coordinators who were hired by other teams last year including Dom Capers (Green Bay), Gregg Williams (New Orleans) and Mike Nolan (Denver). All were hired last year to convert their team’s to a 3-4 defense. And all have enjoyed considerably more defensive success than Kansas City, who is ranked #32 on defense. Green Bay is ranked #1, Denver is ranked #3, and New Orleans is ranked #18. All have more talent than the Chiefs on defense, but they also have better coordinators.

Not sure the Chiefs can pull it off, but adding Weis and Crennel would be great hires for Kansas City.

7 Responses to “Offseason Priority #1 — New Coordinators”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Agreed. This would be a good start. Probably going to be a number of changes on the coaching staff after this season.

  2. Broker1 Says:

    I live in NE, but born/raised in KC – life long Chiefs fan. Word up here is Pioli and Weis didn’t play well together, and there would be little chance Pioli would bring Weis into KC given the trackrecord.
    Having said that’d, I’d love to see it. In my humble opinion, the biggest problem with NE this year is Belichick does not have the o/d coordinators he has had in the past, but his ego told him he could handle all of it. It’s not working. KC is in a similar spot – Haley can’t HC, nevermind be the OC at the same time – it’s having an ugly trickle-down effect throughout. Both need to get help.

  3. Broker1 Says:

    Actually, the biggest problem in NE is the veterans (player-coaches) who retired or were foolishly traded: Brushi, Harrison, Seymore, Vrabel – any one of them would have pulled a player aside and straightened them out – like Adelaus Thomas – before he was a problem. That’s gone. The scales have tipped, and the malcontents are close to outnumbering the team-players that were such a huge part of their success. This is, I think, the biggest problem, coaching is the 2nd biggest. The 3rd big problem is Belichick’s refusal to admit he made a mistake on 4th & 2 on his OWN 28 against Indy. They’ve been skidding ever since, and appear to be unraveling – and Belichick CONTINUES to go for it rather than take the easy 3 points so he can prove to the world he was right. He was wrong. Forget all the statistical BS about that. He handed that game to Indy. That sequence was the first time I’ve ever seen the guy so confused out there. No way he called 2 plays after 2nd down – he’s lying.

  4. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Hey Broker1, I like your input and your passion.

    I completely agree with you that the number one issue in New England right now has been their depletion of talent on defense. They were on fire for a few years where they seemed to do an incredible job of bringing in veterans that were near the end of the careers, and getting a couple more good seasons out of them. And mixing them in with their own draft picks. But as those veterans have moved on, they haven’t been able to replace them any longer.

    And they’ve lost a number of really good assistant coaches the last few years. Hard to reload coaches and players every year. But though they might be down a bit this year, I don’t expect them to stay down for long.

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