Obama’s Agenda — Different Than We Were Told

June 27th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

President ObamaI have a number of things swirling around my head this week. Makes it difficult to pick where to begin. So before I move on to other things, I think I need to go back and take a look at The Obama Agenda. It appears to be quite different than what we were told during the election, and different than what the administration continues to tell us every day. Actions speak louder than words. And the actions of this administration are now speaking very loudly. If you’re not hearing it, you’re not listening.

A few quotes to get us started:

1. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” — Rahm Emanuel

2. When Al Gore was asked about his method for communicating global warming to the people, he replied, “(U)nfortunately we still live in a bubble of unreality. And the Category 5 denial is an enormous obstacle to any discussion of solutions. Nobody is interested in solutions if they don’t think there’s a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.” (Interview for Grist in 2006.)

3. Dick Morris on socialism: “Socialism is not an epithet or even an economic philosophy. Whether a nation is socialist or not is determined by a single, simple statistic — what percent of the economy (GDP) goes to the public sector? When Obama took office, the U.S. public sector (federal, state, and local) spent about 30% of GDP. Now it is 36%. If Obamacare lives to be fully implemented, it will pass 40%.” (This quote is from last April on Morris’ website.)

What do these quotes tell us? That’s it’s OK to use a crisis to push a political agenda. That it’s OK to lie about the facts if you “know” what’s best for the country. And you never have to announce you want us to be socialists, you can move us there one step at a time by enlarging the federal government through legislation.

Economic Stimulus Package
We were told by the administration that it would save or create millions of jobs. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) warned that by 2011 their would be NO net gain in jobs. And some economists and business experts, like those at IBD (Investors Business Daily), were predicting it would actually make things worse. That the stimulus bill was nothing more than big government spending. The result? We’ve lost millions of jobs, and the economy continues to struggle. Despite claims to the contrary, jobs and the economy have never been high on the administration’s priority list.

Health Care
We were told by the administration that their health care reform bill would lower costs and insure millions of people who are currently uninsured.  But at this point, virtually every organization is predicting that the cost of health care will continue to rise, and if businesses drop health care coverage as expected, it’s possible that we’ll end up with MORE uninsured people than we have now. We were repeatedly lied to about the costs of the bill. By ignoring tort reform and competition for insurance companies across state lines, it’s clear that reducing costs was never a goal of the bill. The true goal of the bill was to backdoor us into nationalized health care.

Banking Reform
This is a little more difficult for me to grasp. Banking regulations certainly aren’t in my wheelhouse. And I’m certainly open to the idea that our banking industry could use some smarter regulations and better oversight. But when the bill completely ignores two of the biggest culprits in our near banking collapse, the government run Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, it’s difficult to take the reform seriously. It’s another 2,000 page bill that even the democrats admit they don’t fully understand what it will do. And when the bill gives our federal government unprecedented power to takeover financial institutions engaging in “risky” business, I begin to get nervous. Real nervous.

The Oil Spill
I’ve written another post recently about the administration’s mistakes in the cleanup of the oil from BP’s disaster. Despite the administration’s claims that they’ve done everything they could in this crisis, they have not. They have not waived the Jones Act, and they have refused numerous offers of international aid. Why? I didn’t want to believe it, but it’s because allowing the oil spill to spiral out of control feeds their real agenda: green energy, cap and trade, and government control of our resources. There is no other intelligent conclusion.

So where is the Obama administration taking us? Down the path that even they will not name. Socialism.


18 Responses to “Obama’s Agenda — Different Than We Were Told”

  1. Just Plano Bob Says:

    easy there son, you are starting to sound like the REST of the concerned Americans out there. Ya big wignut you….. 😉

  2. ralphie Says:

    ask yourself, if republicans still ran the world, what their answer be to each of these problems (healtchare, banking reform, environment, oil spill)?

    Oh yeah, they were the ones that created most of these nightmares.

  3. ralphie Says:

    Which part of the banking reform bill makes you real nervous? Or being that you admitted you dont know much about the bill, is real nervous just your normal dispostion towards ‘liberals’, democrats, and a black president? And if that last statement is basically true, why do you keep saying you are an ‘independant’, which presumes you dont have a bias against any of the parties.

  4. Lee Eldridge Says:

    There you go folks, if you disagree with the Obama Agenda long enough, eventually somebody’s going to label you a racist.

    1 – Never said that I didn’t know much about the bill. I’ve read quite a lot about the bill, thank you very much. What I don’t feel educated enough to comment on is which regulations need to be changed, and changed to what. I haven’t spent hundreds of hours researching the banking industry like I have health care, the economy, business and taxation. And I prefer NOT to make comments when I haven’t spent a sufficient amount of time to understand a subject. You see ralphie, I don’t just inherently believe what people tell me to believe. I question what people tell me. And if interested in the subject, I spend the time to actually research and understand the topic before reaching a conclusion.

    What makes me nervous, and if you had read my original comments you would know this, is Congress’ failure to fix Freddie and Fannie, and their expansion of power to takeover a business they deem to be engaging in “risky” behavior. They fail to fix what they already control. And they give themselves the power to takeover what they don’t currently control.

    2 – I have plenty of biases. We all do. Being an independent has nothing to do with being free of bias. For instance, I have a bias against the media and a bias against politicians. Being an independent for me is because I have so much disdain for both political parties. It just so happens that one party has been in charge of Congress since ’06, and the WH since ’08. And I don’t like the direction they’re taking our country.

  5. Just Plano Bob Says:

    republicans created “enviroment & oil spill”? wow, Ralphie, wow.

    and the “black president” comment – I love people making “my point” to you the the other day, Lee. It took only 3 replies this time……. amazing!!

  6. ralphie Says:

    Republicans run oil companies. Republicans have been bought by the oil companies, and a few dems. It was Bush’s team that Obama inherited in the minerals oversight dept – and we all know the criteria Bush used for appointees. How is this oil spill O’s fault? The dutch cant fix this lee! I agree that every legislation Obama has signed has flaws, but our founders knew that all legislation would be a product of compromise – or ARE YOU GUYS SO NAIVE THAT YOU DONT REALIZE THAT COMPROMISE IS WHAT = PROGRESS IN WASHINGTON and our way of government? I applaud Obama for compromising, even though it makes me sick sometimes, and thats more than i can say for the man that im quite sure both of you voted twice for, the monkey George Bush. W never compromised and operated completely idiologically, usually in the face of facts. Yall keep peddling your fear. And BTW, how come you didnt respond to my first post – what the hell do the Republicans do to solve these major issues? Are you saying we need no reform of HRC? The financial system? Environment protection? Again, no compromise=no legislation and not even marginal improvements. Can we all agree that the Republican leadership of the last 20 years doesnt care to solve any problems for ALL the american people? Tell me what theyve done O indepenicans?

  7. Bobby Says:

    Lee might not want to say it, but I’ll say it. I resent anybody calling Lee a racist.

    Lee, as usual you’re thoughtful and well reasoned. Thank you.

  8. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Bobby, thank you. Didn’t defend myself because, truthfully, I think the comment said more about ralphie than me.

    JPB: Yes, I thought about our conversation the other day. JPB is a conservative friend of mine. The other day JPB, who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, was complaining about certain liberals who, when all else fails, pull out the race card and accuse anybody who opposes their point of view as racists. Today was the first time in my life that the race card had been thrown at me.

    ralphie: You seem to think I have some desire to defend Republicans. I don’t. They helped get us in this mess. Lots of blame to go around even beyond the two political parties including business, activists, special interest groups, lobbyists, the unions and I’ll even throw the media under the bus.

    The spill was not O’s fault. Never said it was. Matter of fact, I wrote an article about who was to blame. I defended Obama, and said that I disagreed with Time’s reasoning for putting him on their list of who to blame.


    BTW – Obama had appointed HIS person to run MMS (Birnbaum), and then fired her after the spill. I talked a lot about MMS in that same article linked above. Even commented that Obama had done the right thing by splitting up the responsibilities of the MMS into different departments.

    And the Dutch, among others, most certainly CAN help us cleanup the mess. Obama won’t let them.

    I’ll have to tackle your rant on compromise another day. Time to go fix dinner.

  9. ralphie Says:

    ‘rant on compromise’ – what a funny combination of words. This would be the place to hear such a phrase though, and its a great example of what drives my frustration reading your conservative opinion pieces.

    I apologize if you and your buddy feel i called you a racist – im merely trying to throw theories out there (isnt that what this opinion blog is all about?) as to why so many white folks seem to be single mindedly driven to oppose Obama. I call it ‘fear”. You and everyone else can backfill your (distrust) reasoning with quotes from CNN, Rasmussen, etc. I have never seen a president – other than the last one who the majority of americans DIDNT vote for in his first election – be treated so disrespectfully as Obama. But ive never seen a group of republicans so stupid and so greedy and so RACIST as the – well i guess the Republican party has been racist and ignorant for a long time. Thanks to You Tube for brining light to this fact. As bush put it so well, welcome to the party of Have’s and Have-more’s.

    Lee – Why are you such a staunch defender of those that commit corporate malfeasance? (insurance companies, banks, wall street, oil companies, repubicans) You sound just like a corporate lobbyist, and i have heard many of the right wing lobbysts and congressman speak. Weirdly, you are the ONLY person i have read that says they are ‘real nervous’ about the financial reform. I havent even heard republicans say this. Good to know the derivatives traders have a buddy is Lee Eldridge. I guess yall go the same country club? The bill isnt perfect, but most agree (including the big banks) that its necessary.

    Look Lee, if you are going to devote yourself to becoming a prominant conservative blogger – publishing a blog ‘that is routinely ‘ranting’ on someone who inherited a historic mess, who has done an admirable considering, then I shall ‘rant’ back until you do the limbaugh thing and start keeping my comments from seeing the light of day.

    And I still havent read your reply about how you and Bob’s beloved Republican party would really solve these problems (not could, WOULD). Please write a column on that.

  10. ralphie Says:

    And BTW, unlike you and Bob, i voted for Obama. To disagree with the headline of your blog post, he is doing much of what he said he would do. As a supporter, financially and wiht my vote, im more qualfied than you to say that he has delivered to his supporters and voters. You dont get him, you didnt vote for him, and you still dont get him. But he has delivered big time for his crowd. Not exactly how i or other dems would want in every case, but no successful politician will deliver exactly what you want. You love to show that Rahm quote, but you are very naive again if you dont realize that everyone in politics capitalizes on political and current events. Your Republicans dont do that?

  11. ralphie Says:

    One final thought – your use of the word ‘agenda’ in your headline – is right off the script of limbaugh / mcconnel / fox news / cantor / birthers.

    I call you a servant of the right Lee because you so often use the very same Frank Lutz – esque buzzwords that the RNC and FOX tell their loyalists to use.

    To say he has an agenda, suggests he is hiding his real motivation and secretly has a different plan than what he has told people. Wait, your headline asserts that as well.

    If there is any bait and switch, its what he is doing to his own supporters by occassionally adopting more conservative approaches or even old Bush/Cheny policies.

  12. Frank Says:

    BAHAHAHHAAA! Now Lee is not only racist, but grouped in with birthers! All for disagreeing with the administrations “agenda.” That’s funny!

    @ ralpie – “agenda” is defined as a list or program of things to be done or considered.

    Lee, not sure this is the healthy debate that you like. But at least ralphie is viciously defending his contentment.

  13. Lee Eldridge Says:

    ralphie, you’ve touched on so many subjects I’m not sure where to begin. And I’m sure I won’t comment on them all to your satisfaction.

    Compromise: You make it sound as if the democrats have bent over backwards to appease the republicans. That’s just plain silly. The democrats don’t even invite the republicans to the bargaining table. The only compromise going on in DC is the liberal democrats moving just enough towards the center/left to appease moderate democrats. Then they cut every backroom deal they have to cut to get remaining democrats on board.

    And yes, the republicans aren’t much interested in compromise either. Their tactic is to stall everything they can until the November elections.

    That’s why I dislike politicians. They’re hired to fix problems, and they don’t.

    Racism: My feelings for the administration and the sharp movement to the left has nothing to do with the color of the president’s skin. Are there some racist people out there? Of course. And like it or not, their are wacko extremists on both sides.

    Corporate Malfeasance: Please read through my blog and tell me any time I’ve defended corporate malfeasance. You won’t find it, because I don’t. I ran my own business honestly and openly, and strongly feel that as business owners and leaders we have the obligation to do what’s best for our business, our people and our communities. I live that every day.

    Derivative Traders: Once again, show me where I’ve defended the banks or derivative traders. I have not. Read my post. What makes me nervous is the government’s unwillingness to fix Freddie and Fannie, and their desire for more power to takeover financial institutions that engage in “risky” business. Many of our banking regulations are from the ’30s and need to be updated.

    The fact that I’m the ONLY person you’ve read that says this bill makes them nervous should make it clear that I come to my own conclusions and are not regurgitating the right’s propaganda.

    Republican Party: They’ve been part of the problem. I still have no desire to defend them. Not sure why you think I would.

    Agenda: I don’t take this word to mean anything positive or negative on its own.

    Obama: Believe it or not, I’ve been defending Obama to my conservative friends for a year and half. Just ask Plano Bob. But in the last few weeks, with Obama’s handling of the oil spill, it’s become obvious to me that Obama has a much different vision for our country than what he ran on during his campaign. And that he’s willing to do just about anything to reshape our country in his vision. That’s the reason for my post. And the reason for my concern. It’s been a very tough idea for me to accept — that a president would allow the oil spill to spiral out of control so that he could push his agenda. His vision for America. His desire for green energy. His desire for cap and trade legislation. I find it very unsettling that our president would allow our environment to be so badly affected on purpose. But as I’ve said before, explain to me the justification for not waiving the Jones Act, and the justification for turning down dozens of offers of international assistance. I’m all ears. I don’t want to believe what I currently believe to be true.

  14. Bobby Says:

    The Dutch could definitely help with the clean up:


  15. ralphie Says:

    Great reply Lee, thanks for keeping your cool. I could learn from you on that.
    Youre not a racist or a birther, agreed!

    I have to strongly disagree that Obama would actually be hampering the cleanup of the oil spill to create political will for energy legislation. Has he totally f’d it up, yes. Was he totally lied to, along with the rest of us? yes. I dont know about the Jones act stuff and feel like eventually well learn more about why the govt is doing what they are doing and arent doing what they arnt. The ‘fog of war’ if you will produced plenty of bad decisions intitally, no question.

    If pushing an environmental agenda was so important to obama, why did he give the issue almost no love after he got elected, didnt push it at all until not that long ago, and allowed it to be killed by Lindsay Graham when the immigration bs flared up? As a staunch dem, i can say that this is an issue where he has disappoined his caucus and leftist supporters with his inaction on this front.

    He doesnt need this catastrophe to bolster support. The american people get it. A wedge group and not unsizable block of rebublicans and independants get it. Most of Congress gets it, save for the Rep block that represents the corporations (all of them) and a handful of sold out dems.

    Obama’s ratings are going down by the day because of this disaster. Its making him look weak and innefective. Those are qualities and perceptions that stick with voters. TRUST ME when i tell you he would have capped that thing and cleaned it up 24 hours after it happened. Youre giving him too much credit by calling his mistakes (and probably some other administration actions that you dont have full info on) some kind of political expercise. They arent.

  16. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Good morning ralphie.

    Thanks. I don’t want to believe that the president has purposefully neglected the cleanup, so I sincerely hope you’re right. I say this with all honesty. I’ve always considered Obama to be a good man, but my confidence in this has been shaken with his very poor management of the cleanup. I’d like a logical explanation, and the only logical explanations I see aren’t very pretty.

    Cap and trade IS part of the environmental agenda, and they’ve tried to push it twice but have gotten little traction. They’re now bringing it up again — since the oil mess. And we haven’t even discussed the moratorium on drilling yet, which appears more politically driven than safety driven, and again feeds into the anti-oil environmental agenda. If I have time, I’ve been wanting to do a post on the moratorium. So many subjects, and so little time…

  17. ralphie Says:

    they are no doubt bringing up cap and trade because they hope the political will is there in light of the oil spill, just as there were singular unpredicted events during the HCR fight that gave new life to that effort. Such is the business of politics, going back to the founding fathers. As for the moratorium, its also hard to argue against it. Its clear the oil companies dont have a stringent enough regime in place for oil spill prevention and cleanup and we cant even handle this one spill. How could we manage multiple spills. This is a once in a lifetime catastrophe and deserves a similiar level of serious response to address the core issues.

  18. Julie A Says:

    I have studied Obama since the 08 primaries, and came to realize back then that I did not like who he chose to associate with. Rev Wright, Ayers, etc. Additionally, both ‘parents’ were obviously communist, as well as Frank Davis. It is not hard to imagine, given his upbringing and education, what Obama believes and thinks about this country. He does not like America. He is taking every opportunity to cut down the US, for all the injustices that he thinks America has imposed on the rest of the world. Just take a look at all the traditions and institutions he is dismantling. Michelle Obama even said this verbatim in a speech awhile back. Obama is dividing this country… racial tensions are increasing, And this is what they want, sadly.