NFL Predictions 2010

September 8th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

NFL logoI love this time of year. And I love the NFL!

AFC West
Because I follow the Chiefs and the AFC West the most, I’ll spend a little extra time here in this division.

San Diego Chargers: I remain unconvinced that Norv Turner will ever take a team to the Super Bowl as their head coach. And I think the window that Marty created in San Diego is slowly closing. The Chargers have the most talent in the division, but are headed back to the pack. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if running back Ryan Matthews doesn’t win offensive rookie of the year. Record: 11-5.

Kansas City Chiefs: I hope I’m not just being a homer, but I really think that Haley and Pioli have this team headed in the right direction. I love the new coordinators. They’ve added weapons on offense. Have improved their offensive line. And their defense is flying around and making a few plays. Safety Eric Berry will be in the running for defensive rookie of the year. Still some concerns about the front seven stopping the run. Don’t jump off the bandwagon if they lose a few games early. They’ll be better in the second half of the season. Record: 7-9.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders won five games last year despite some of the worst quarterback play I’ve ever seen. Jason Campbell will help settle down the Raider’s offense. But still think this team has some issues. They really need running back Darren McFadden to step up and become a force for this offense.  Record: 6-10.

Denver Broncos: Injuries. Loss of talent. This team is headed in the wrong direction fast. Record: 5-11.

AFC East: I’m not convinced that the Jets are for real. Want to see them do it again before I jump on-board. I’ll go with the Patriots winning this division.

AFC North: I’ll root for the Steelers, but the Ravens appear to be the team that’s ready to step forward in this division. I like what they’re doing and think they’ll win the division.

AFC South: Pretty hard to pick anybody other than the Colts. So long as Manning is healthy, this machine just keeps on rolling.

NFC East: Possibly the hardest division to pick. Eagles have a new quarterback. Cowboys still have Tony Romo. Redskins are just in their first year with new head coach Mike Shanahan. Look for Eli and the Giants to bounce back and win this division.

NFC North: The Vikings might have Farve, but I really like the Packers here. They’ve been doing a great job of drafting and developing young players.

NFC South: Love Drew Brees and don’t see anybody else here who will challenge them.

NFC West: The worst division in football. The 49ers win here by default.

AFC Title Game: How about the Colts vs the Ravens, with the Ravens advancing to the Super Bowl.

NFC Title Game: Packers lose on the road to the Saints.

Super Bowl: Drew Brees makes it two in a row as the Saints beat the Ravens! People start talking about Brees in the hall of fame. Surpasses Manning as the best quarterback in the NFL.


4 Responses to “NFL Predictions 2010”

  1. James Fedewa Says:

    Well, I like your prediction of Ryan Mathews as a potential rookie of the year, but San Diego’s offensive line has been a problem over the last 2 years, and this year is no exception. If San Diego wants to RUN the ball, the Chargers O-Line is going to have to play better.
    I am a diehard Chargers fan, my wife if a Broncos fan, my father is a Raiders fan and my sister just moved to Kansas City and bought Chiefs season tickets. Plus, I moved to Seattle two years ago (a former division rival), from 12 years in San Diego. So, I have a lot of ties, bonds & disgust in football with my family (and all though the AFC West).

    I’m not sure about the Chiefs this year, nor have I been a fan of their last two drafts. Sure, they’ve gotten some GREAT talent, but they’ve also reached on some guys that would’ve been there in later rounds. I like the Chiefs running back situation, but is their O-Line really that able? We’ll see, but I don’t think so!
    Cassel has potential too, and I do like Bowe and Chambers catching the ball, but we’ll see what the Chiefs defense can really do. If your D-Line does well, then the whole team can do well (IMO). They might be a 9 -7 team and wiggle into a wild card spot…

    My Predictions:
    • Chargers: 13-3 (and winning the Super Bowl)
    • Chiefs: 9-7
    • Raiders 7-9
    • Broncos 5-11

    ***Remember, the AFC West is playing the NFC West this year, and BOTH divisions are noted as the worst in each conference. I think we’ll see that the AFC West will dominate the NFC West, so better records for the AFC West Teams

    And always, I’m worried about this Monday Night Football as the Chargers always struggle in Kansas City. KC has a great home field advantage!

  2. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Hey James. Thanks for the note!

    Chargers should never have fired Marty. 🙂

    Chiefs offensive line played decently down the stretch last year, and we’ve upgraded the line with Lilja at guard. I’m less concerned about the o-line.

    Big question about the defensive line. Chiefs were awful against the run last year. That’s gotta get better for them to have a hope at getting to .500.

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