NFL Playoff Predictions

January 17th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

I know, I know. I’m a day late with my predictions. My son’s Pinewood Derby Race has taken up a chunk of my time the last few days. His car, Cheesey Fish, went 2-2 and didn’t make the finals. But the crowd chanted “CHEESE FISH CHEESE FISH” every time he raced. It was a good day at the races.

Now on with the predictions.

New Orleans Saints Drew BreesI’m predicting that the Colts and Saints will win yesterday’s games. Now before you roll your eyes, I’ve been predicting for weeks that the Colts and Saints were my picks for the Super Bowl. They’ve been the best two teams in the league all year despite a few meaningless losses late in the season. They’re both loaded on offense with playmakers all over the field. Manning and Brees right now are the two best quarterbacks in the league. And they have opportunistic defenses. I’m still on the bandwagon. Or bandwagons.

Today’s games are more interesting match-ups to discuss anyway.

Jets at Chargers: The Jets are good where it matters most. In the trenches. Their offensive and defensive lines play very well, and will create problems for the Chargers. For the Jets to have a chance to win, and they do, they must shut down the Chargers running game, and come up with a couple of key interceptions. I’m not sure that LT and Sproles will have much success against the Jets defense. But the bottom line is that the Chargers are just too good at putting points on the board, and the Jets won’t be able to keep up. Prediction: Chargers 28, Jets 17

Minnesota Vikings Jared AllenCowboys at Vikings: Should be a great game. Brett Favre and Jared Allen are two of my favorite players. But the Cowboys seem to have found their mojo. They’ve exercised a few demons with their win last week against the Eagles. But they’ll find a stiffer challenge today when they travel to Minnesota. The Vikings have struggled a bit with deciding what they want to be on offense, and it could cost them today. Prediction: Cowboys 24, Vikings 21

What’s interesting for me with these two picks is that I’ve said for years now that Norv Turner and Wade Phillips were the wrong choices to leat these organizations. But now I’ve got both of them advancing to their respective championship games. I’m not ready to admit I was wrong. They’ll have to win a Super Bowl first.

Next weekend I’ll be picking the Colts and Saints no matter who wins today. And as of right now I’m on the Colts to win it all. But I reserve the right to change my mind on this one before the big game.

I love the NFL.


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