NFL Draft 2010 — Early Thoughts

December 8th, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Kansas City ChiefsIn Kansas City, when our team is 3-9, it’s not too early to start thinking about the 2010 NFL draft. If the draft was held today, I believe the Chiefs would have the sixth pick in the draft. It’s almost impossible to trade out of a top five pick, so the Chiefs are probably best served by winning another game or two and staying out of the top five. This will open up more options for them to pick or trade down.

Biggest Needs
The Chiefs have a lot of needs, but none more glaring than the offensive line. (See my post here about our lack of picks for the offensive line the last several years.) It all begins up front. The Chiefs have trouble running the ball, protecting the quarterback, making first downs, scoring points, and sustaining drives. The Chiefs must upgrade the line. They have several serviceable parts. I’m not down on any particular lineman. If you can improve the line at a couple of positions, you’ll put the entire offense in a much better position to succeed.

We also have holes to fill at safety, running back, nickel back and wide receiver. And can use upgrades just about everywhere except our two kickers.

The Chiefs will likely be a bit more aggressive in free agency to fill some holes next year, but free agency is not the answer for building and sustaining a winning team. So assuming they do not find a starter for the offensive line in free agency, the Chiefs need to use two of their top four picks in the draft on offensive lineman. Remember that because of the Tony Gonzalez trade, the Chiefs have two picks in the second round. Which should give them three picks in the first 50 assuming that Atlanta’s second round pick will be somewhere in the middle of the round.

Offensive Tackle Russell OkungThe unfortunate thing for the Chiefs is that this draft does not appear to be as top heavy with offensive tackles as the last two drafts. According to Scouts Inc., they have only two offensive lineman in their top 25: Russel Okung from Oklahoma State at #5 and Trent Williams from Oklahoma at #8. Mel Kiper lists Okung at #6 and Williams doesn’t even make his top 25 at this point. Lots will change on the draft boards before April.

At this point I’d hope that the Chiefs draft an offensive tackle in round one (hopefully Russell Okung is still on the board), and take a guard or center with one of their second round picks.


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