Manning Update 3-10-12

March 10th, 2012 by Lee Eldridge

Just a couple quick notes.

1. The Redskins have reportedly made a block buster trade with the Rams to move up into the second spot in the draft. I never thought that Manning to the Redskins made much sense. Manning will want to play for a team that’s ready to contend immediately. That’s not Washington. People have talked a lot about what Manning wants and doesn’t want. Most of it is nothing more than speculation, but two thoughts probably carry some actual weight. All else being equal, it makes sense that Manning prefers to stay in the AFC. And he would probably prefer NOT to be in the same division as his brother (the NFC East).

2. The Jets have reached a new deal with quarterback Mark Sanchez. I never thought the Jets would be in play for Manning, but the speculation can end on this one, too.

It looks to me like it will come down to the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins or Kansas City Chiefs. I think there’s a slim chance that the Seattle Seahawks could enter the Manning Sweepstakes. I don’t see another team that makes sense. Maybe we’ll all be surprised.

There will be many rumors the next few days. I wouldn’t waste much time on them. For instance, yesterday, it was reported that the Chiefs had already offered Manning a contract. This doesn’t even make any sense. The Chiefs have not met with Manning. Peyton will narrow down his list. He will interview the teams. They will interview him. And Manning will make a decision as to what is the best situation for him.

Whatever happens, please don’t let Manning pick the Broncos!

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