Manning To Chiefs Would Be A Great Fit

March 9th, 2012 by Lee Eldridge

Peyton ManningI have long held the belief that a team can win the Super Bowl with a good quarterback. This season I changed my mind.

I had planned to write a post this fall detailing how the game has evolved over the years. It truly is the era of the quarterback. I have been watching the NFL for nearly 40 years, and never has this been more true than it is today. The rules of the game have been tilted in favor of the offense for years. But what is truly amazing to me are the number of truly incredible quarterbacks in the NFL right now. I’m not sure we’ve ever watched this level of play from so many quarterbacks in the league at the same time.

In the past you could always point to the game managers who had won Super Bowls. Brad Johnson. Trent Dilfer. Mark Rypien. Jeff Hostetler. Doug Williams.

But if you put together a list of the last 20 Super Bowls, every quarterback who has won, with the exception of Johnson and Dilfer, have been elite quarterbacks. Or at least, quarterbacks capable of playing at an elite level. The list includes: Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, John Elway, Brett Favre, Troy Aikman and Steve Young.

Elite quarterbacks, though I would personally describe Roethlisberger and Eli Manning as very good quarterbacks capable of playing at an elite level. And I say that because I think these two quarterbacks have lacked the consistency to truly be considered elite quarterbacks. My bar is high.

Matt Cassell? Capable of being a good to very good game manager. Elite? Unfortunately, no.

If I had written this a couple of months ago, my recommendation would have been that the Chiefs needed to do whatever it takes to move up to draft Robert Griffin III. But after finishing the season with seven wins, the Chiefs have no shot from where they sit at pick eleven. You would have to move up to the second spot in the draft where St. Louis is eager to trade down. And there’s no way the Chiefs can leap over the Browns, Redskins and Dolphins who all need quarterbacks. And the price would be too high.

Enter the Peyton Manning Sweepstakes!

I could sit here and list a dozen reasons why signing Manning makes a lot of sense for the Chiefs. And how there’s really very little downside to it. The good news is that the Chiefs already understand this. Reports are that a dozen or so teams have contacted Manning’s agent Tom Condon. This may or may not be true. What is true is that there are probably only three or four teams that are truly positioned to land Manning. And the Chiefs are one of them.

At this point we can only sit and wait.

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