LOST: The Story of Redemption

May 24th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

“If we can’t live together we’re going to die alone.”
Jack Shepherd

Jack ShepherdMy LOST journey began with the final episode from season one. I happened to catch it the week before the premier of season two. I was instantly hooked. I went back and watched all of the episodes from season one while watching the new episodes from season two. It’s the only TV series that I’ve watched every single episode. One by one, my family became hooked as well. Beginning last summer we started from the beginning and watched (or for me re-watched) all of the episodes in order to prepare for this, the final season.

The storytelling from season one in particular was incredible. The character development unparalleled in television. Possibly among the best throughout all of literature in the last century.

Many could not overcome the science fiction components of the story. The unexplained phenomenon. I was happy to embrace the unknown.

Like so many losties, I became lost in the story. But in a good way. I enjoyed the journey. Enjoyed the speculation. Enjoyed the revelations about the island. And enjoyed watching the ongoing development of the characters.

My initial reaction last night to “The End” was a bit unsettling. It wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d hoped. What was the purpose of the light? What was the real name of the man in black? What about the delicate balance between good and evil? After all, the island and the ancient tale of good and evil was the story. I felt like I was left twisting in the wind. I had become so lost in the journey, that I had forgotten the real story.

This was not the story of a fantastic and magical island. The island was only a vehicle to tell the story. This was a story of redemption. The story of Jack Shepherd.

Jack was a lost soul when the series began. The reluctant hero. The man of science who eventually became the man of faith. The reluctant hero who eventually embraced his destiny without understanding what his destiny truly meant. A story of salvation. And finally, a story of redemption.

“If we can’t live together we’re going to die alone.”
Jack Shepherd

Jack and all of our heroes learned to live together. And in the end, they did not die alone.

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