KU Football: Thank You Seniors

November 26th, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Kerry Meier and Todd ReesingHappy Thanksgiving everybody.

With the 2009 KU football season winding down, it seems like an appropriate time to give thanks to three of our seniors: Todd Reesing, Kerry Meier and Jake Sharp. This weekend may be the end of an era at KU depending on the decision with coach Mangino. But instead, today let’s focus on these three young men who have brought so much joy to KU football fans.

Reesing, Meier and Sharp have epitomized the resurgence of football in Lawrence, and have lead one of the most explosive offenses in the country the last couple of years. But not only that, these three young men have embodied class and work ethic. All have succeeded in ways that nobody could have predicted.

Jake SharpJake Sharp from Salina, Kansas, is the boy who was supposed to be too small to play running back in college. He’s only proven to be the spark plug that has kept our ground game running. In his sophomore year, he combined with Brandon McAnderson to create dual-headed threat in our backfield. He was the lightning to McAnderson’s thunder. Last year the coaching staff looked for a solution at running back before figuring out that the solution was there all along. Once Mangino committed to Sharp as the man, Jake rewarded KU with another excellent season. He has rushed for more than 1800 yards in his career, and as a receiver has added another 500 yards of offense.

Kerry Meier comes from a family of football players, and was recruited to be our quarterback. He looks the part, and probably would have become a fine quarterback in his own right. He put up pretty good numbers as a freshman before losing the job to Reesing his sophomore year. Meier has now developed into one of the premier wide receivers in the country, and looks poised to continue his career in the NFL.

And then there’s Todd Reesing. The little guy from Texas who has the presence like few others. He’s the heart that has pushed this team beyond expectations. He has been compared to Fran Tarkenton and Doug Flutie. He has made plays in and out of the pocket that have amazed us for three years. And he’s a bright kid, set to double major at KU in finance and economics.

Whatever happens to these three after the Missouri game on Saturday, I would just like to say thank you. And thank you to the entire senior class. You have made us proud to be Jayhawk football fans again.


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  1. Bobby Says:

    Reesing played a great game against mizzou. Will miss him!