Jim Harbaugh Could Be KU’s Next Head Coach

December 11th, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Stanford Head Coach Jim HarbaughThe rumors have started. According to FootballCoachScoop.com, KU is currently negotiating a contract with Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh. Personally, Harbaugh has been at the top of my wishlist for days. Would be very pleased for Harbaugh to come to Lawrence.

Was also surprised to see Tommy Tuberville throw his hat in the ring according to the KCStar. Tuberville is a fine coach, and a great second option to Harbaugh.

It’s a great sign for the University of Kansas to see coaches the caliber of Harbaugh, Tuberville and Skip Holtz interested in coming to KU.


One Response to “Jim Harbaugh Could Be KU’s Next Head Coach”

  1. Lee Eldridge Says:

    KU and athletic director Lew Perkins have denied that a contract has been offered to Harbaugh. But this statement means little. I’m not saying that a contract HAS been offered. I have no inside knowledge at all. Yet I’ve seen no denial from anybody affiliated with Harbaugh. And if KU and Harbaugh’s agent were in some preliminary phase of sharing the outlines of a potential contract, KU would still say that no job has been offered.

    There are a number of coaches out there I’d be happy with if KU could land. But don’t be surprised if KU announces Harbaugh as their next head coach by the middle of next week.