Is the Tea Party Racist?

September 28th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

Racist Tea Party SignYou’re rolling your eyes right now. This is old news. And you’re probably right. Those on the left decided long ago that the Tea Partiers are a bunch of racists and radicals. If you watch CNN, MSNBC or follow any of the leftwing media, they’ve done a great job of displaying the racism that exists within the movement. Matter of fact, that’s been the overriding theme of most of the media. If MSNBC is your only news source, you would think that only a few dozen people show up at the Tea Party rallies, and that they all carry signs denigrating blacks and President Obama for being black. On the other side, Fox News shows thousands at the Tea Party rallies, and rarely shows a negative moment.

The truth? As usual, it’s somewhere in-between.

Before I get into the surveys, I guess I should share my pre-conceived opinion about the Tea Party. I have said for months that the left has failed to understand the Tea Party movement, and to this day they are still confused by it. The core belief of the Tea Party revolves around fiscal conservatism — smaller government and lower taxes. They believe in the Constitution, and self-reliance. My personal reservation about the Tea Party is the number of social conservatives that are involved, and the overriding religious theme that always seems to show up with social conservatives. My personal assumption, and I guess my personal bias, is that while the Tea Party itself is not about racism, there’s certainly a racist element within the party. And that it was possibly more pervasive in the party than in the country at large.

The bottom line is that if you put one hundred random white people in a room, several are going to be racists. It’s a sad and simple truth. So is the Tea Party racist? That depends on two things. One, is racism a core belief of the Tea Party itself? My feeling on this has always been no, that the Tea Party is about fiscal conservatism. And two, if it’s not the party’s platform, is racism MORE prevalent in the Tea Party than the general population?

Aaaahhh, now THAT’S the important question.

And the Survey Says
There were a couple polls that came out earlier this year that certainly seemed to suggest that racism  is prevalent in the Tea Party. One was from CBS/New York Times, and the other from the University of Washington. I would suggest reading both of these as there’s a number of interesting things you’ll learn from them.

The problem with these two polls? They didn’t do a very good job of comparing their findings on the Tea Party to the white population at large. And without this comparison, the data is incomplete. It wasn’t until this week that I found this look at the data provided by Real Clear Politics. This is also worth reading. Here’s a piece of the article from RCP:

In a article titled “The Tea Partiers’ racial paranoia,” editor Joan Walsh notes that in the University of Washington poll, only 35% of pro-Tea Party whites regarded blacks as “hard-working,” 45% as “intelligent,” and 41% as “trustworthy.” Walsh scoffs, “And Tea Party supporters don’t like it when anyone notices the racists in their midst?”

Not so fast. The respondents in the UW poll were asked to rate on a 1-7 scale how intelligent, hardworking, and trustworthy they perceived “almost all” blacks (and, in separate questions, whites, Latinos, and Asians) to be. Whether the findings expose Tea Party bigotry hinges on two things: how the “Tea Partiers'” opinions of blacks compare to their views of other groups, and how their answers compare to those of other, non-Tea-Partying Americans.

The UW researchers’ initial analysis compared only whites who were strongly pro-Tea Party and strongly anti-Tea Party, concluding that the latter held a much more positive view of blacks. These data are no longer on the UW website; instead, there are tables for other race-related questions (such as “Over the past few years blacks have gotten less than they deserve”), with separate results for whites who were either neutral toward the Tea Party movement or had never heard of it, as well as for all whites.

But what about the racial stereotyping items? The lead investigator, political science professor Christopher Parker, graciously provided me with the fuller data — which strongly contradict the notion of the Tea Parties as a unique hotbed of racism.

Thus, while only 35% of strong Tea Party supporters rated blacks as hardworking, only 49% described whites as such. While the gap is evident, these responses are close to those for all whites (blacks are rated as “hardworking” by 40%, whites by 52%). While whites who are strongly anti-Tea Party seem free of bias on this item — blacks and whites are rated as “hardworking” by 55% and 56%, respectively – this is not true for intelligence and trustworthiness. Whites in every group are less likely to rate blacks than whites as “intelligent” by similar margins: 14 points for Tea Party supporters (45% vs. 59%), 13 points for all whites (49% vs. 62%), 10 points for Tea Party opponents (59% vs. 69%). On “trustworthy,” the gap is smaller in the pro-Tea Party group (41% vs. 49%) than in the anti-Tea Party group (57% vs. 72%). One could write headlines about the “racial paranoia” of white liberals who consider blacks less trustworthy than whites!

The endurance of racial stereotypes in this day and age is disturbing; but Tea Party supporters differ little in this regard from mainstream Americans.

There is no room for racism in our country, and it should ALWAYS be condemned. The Tea Party was slow to condemn the fringe, racial element within their movement, and it’s hurt their reputation. But this is a young and fledgling movement with no central control. And the data does not suggest that the Tea Party is any more or less racist than the country itself. The left can continue to call them racists and radicals, but it’s not working. The country isn’t buying it. Believing in a smaller, less intrusive government is not a radical idea. Unless you’re on the left.

37 Responses to “Is the Tea Party Racist?”

  1. Ralphie Says:

    If a group is only made up of 20% of one type of person (i.e. racist), does that not make that group at least 20% racist? Or more? If the non-racists hang out with the racists and dont say anything that makes the radar in terms of refudiating these bigots, does that not make them racists sympathizers? Im sure you teach your kids not to associate with bigots Lee and thats how i was raised.

    You make the Tea Party sound like an organic third well of politics that just sprung up out of nowhere in protest to the suddenly lavish spending ways of our government. Thats not how I see it.

    The Tea Party was a concoction and PR maneuver of billionaire republican activists and a tried and true cast of republican legislators, former legislators and operatives. Thats been documented. Im thrilled for them that its taken hold and now lots of republican leaning individuals are in love with it. It speaks to their beliefs in social Darwinism. It appeals to their inner racism. It appeals to their ultra nationalism. And those that pander to this group definitely appeal to their ignorance, fears and naiveté.

    But more than 70% of these folks are registered republicans, which is a fact. They are in reality an offshoot of the republican party, not a third party. They are being treated as though they are some independent 3rd party but thats not gong to be the case – because the lion share of them will all vote for the republican candidate in ’10. My take is they are just like the ‘Independents’ who are embarrassed to affiliate with the Republican party after the Bush disaster.

    My big question is, where were these people during Bush when they opened the doors of our treasury to be looted and squandered?

    As for the limited government thing, i still await your post where you tell us what you would pay for and not pay for and how you would solve our hard problems and national emergencies with ‘limited government’. Can limited government help a country headed into a depression? Do you believe we were headed into a depression? And what about our poverty rate, should government intervene? Invest? (invest means spend). And dont bring up tax cuts – because that costs money too Lee – $2.7 Trillion for the bush tax cut. Spending cuts – cant argue with that, im sure there are some to be had.

    I agree, the tea party does reflect our country, and we live in a racist, ignorant, uneducated country.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Ralphie, are you saying that there’s no racism on the left? If so, you’re delusional. The Tea Party is not about racism. And it’s a cheap tactic for people to call them racists and radicals instead of debating them on the issues.

    And what about money? George Soros funds every grass roots organization on the left. Most of their members are democrats. Does that invalidate them as a grassroots organization?

    Good article Lee!

  3. just plano bob Says:

    My take is they are just like the ‘Independents’ who are embarrassed to affiliate with the Republican party after the Bush disaster.

    same take I have with independents that have voter remorse for Barry. Get clued in Ralphie, the country does not like the way it’s being forced to the left. Have you been to a rally? I have. Racism is discouraged and not taken lightly. I may be a registered republican, but they pissed me off allowing the current president to win. I will vote for a conservative over a good ‘ol boy republican. Congress as a whole needs turned out on their a$$es. I’m tired of defending myself of NOT being a racist just because I can not stand the current admin. It’s dumb and is now falling on deaf ears. I have lived my whole life with true race baiters – sharpten, jackson, etc. but they are just warriors for the left’s cause. They are true bigots and they make me sick. But, I’m sure in your world, they are men of wisdom and honest integrity. I believe you even called me a racist a few months back. But that’s okay, Ralphie – your rhetoric keeps me smiling and I thank you for that.

  4. nick kounas Says:

    Nice article Lee. Republicans will be Republicans and Democrats will be Democrats. Too bad we don’t have 3 or 4 viable contenders instead of the two that are a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporations. Campaign reform is the key in my opinion but no lawmakers would dare change the very system that put them into power.

  5. ralphie Says:

    good points Bob2x – but you will never see a racism sign at a democratic rally. Why are all the tea partiers voting in the republican primary if they arent in fact just a different flavor of the repulican party? Only if you grew up black would you understand what Rev Jackson and Sharpton have to harp about – i dont agree with them all the time but honkey’s like you guys and half the jerks that go to your tea party rallies could use some more enlightenment.

    I guess my mind cries fowl at this tea party ‘outrage’ because our country was getting seriously raped by the last administration and ill bet the writer of this blog post and the two Bobs voted for Bush twice and McCain once. So, now that we have obama, everyone is outraged. The ecomonic stimulous was to save us from going in a Depression. Tarp was Bush’s doing. So blame O for the Healthcare bill, which the CBO says WOULD SAVE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OVER 10 YEARS – SAVE. So whats the outrage over Obama, specifically? By the way, after you write what you write in a reply, ask yourself, did I just make myself a bitch for big business? Do you think there is no other answer than what big business via the top right wingers tell you to think?

    Explain this to me Bobs – Honor apparently has to be restored to our country a la the Glenn Back rally. What honor lost was that this million whitey march was going to fix, please explain that to me? I can only extrapolate since the right makes up a bunch of stuff to cover for true motives, which frankly i dont believe they even understand the root of (of which being slightly racist is one such hidden motive). Were death panels real Bobs? The problem with the right is most of what they say are lies – lies to people that are very gullible and fearful – did you know only 2% of small businesses will be affected by a repeal of the bush tax cut? Did you know that jobs werent affected when the tax rate was in effect? Did you know we lost 2.7 Trillion in national wealth due to the Bush tax cut which was proven to have very little benefit to our economy?

    Im sorry but the most conservtive fiscal on capital hill is your buddy Obama. You want short term bandaids, and this dude is planning long term, for long term solutions.

  6. Ralphie Says:

    Hey, i just read this about your senator:

    Sam Brownback Admits Real Estate Ties To Lou Engle, Controversial Anti-Gay Minister (VIDEO)
    Since it was reported that he was lending support to a virulent anti-gay initiative in Uganda, American Evangelical leader Lou Engle has found himself persona non grata among the crowd of socially conservative politicians he once counted as allies.
    At the top of the list is Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), the evangelical Kansas Republican who was once a special guest at one of Engle’s rallies and was reportedly once a roommate of the controversial minister.

  7. Lance Says:

    Seriously Ralphie? Honkeys? I stopped reading after that. Don’t talk about how we need enlightenment if you’re going to use a word like that.

  8. Ralphie Says:

    Oh wait, another headline about some tea party hypocrisy:

    Sharron Angle And Her Husband Are On Government Health Care Plans
    Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s staunch opposition to federal involvement in health care — or pretty much everything, for that matter — was contorted Tuesday with recent news that she and her husband receive government provided health care.

    Angle’s campaign acknowledged to Nevada journalist Jon Ralston Monday that both the candidate and her husband receive health care from the federal government. Spokeswoman Ciara Matthews said in a statement: “Mr. Ted Angle receives his pension through the (federal) Civil Service Retirement System. While it is not supplemented by the federal government, current civil servants pay into the program to pay the schedule of those already retired – much like how the Social Security Program works today. Mr. Angle does not qualify – nor does he receive Social Security benefits. His health insurance plan (the Federal Employee Health Program), which also covers Sharron, is a continuation of what he was receiving while he worked for the federal government.”
    Angle’s prior aversion to government-run health care — at least for others — has been no secret. She openly touts her intent to “Repeal and replace Obamacare” on her website, and even claimed recently that such broad legislation was actually unnecessary because there was “nothing wrong with our health care system.”

  9. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Hey Ralphie. I’m going to try to make it through your first post and answer your questions. Limited time so I may not make it all the way through tonight.

    RACIST GROUPS: From the polls, it appears that racism in the Tea Party mirrors that of the rest of our country. I guess if your view is that we’re a racist country, then this is why you view the Tea Party as a racist organization. I think most Americans recognize that racism exists, but don’t define us as a country of racists.

    Do you think most liberals view America as a country of racists? I guess that would explain a lot.

    Racism is bad. There’s no room in our society for racists, bigots, homophobes, anti-Semites or anything else like it. Yet unfortunately they exist. If you’re going to judge and label organizations as racist if their makeup mirrors that of our general population, I think that’s an unfair standard. I hate to tell you but there’s a racist / bigot / homophobe / anti-Semite in every crowd, and in every organization. My son goes to Boy Scouts, and it’s likely that across the country, their racist makeup probably mirrors that of our general population. So does that make the Boy Scouts a racist organization too? What about an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters or the Red Cross? Should they be held to this same standard? Do we need to start screening all members of all organizations to make sure they’re not secretly racists? What’s the threshold before we label organizations as racist? Is 2% OK? What about 5%? Or 10%? Or hell, let’s just label them ALL as racists since there’s one in every crowd.

    TEA PARTY: “It appeals to their inner racism.” Ralphie, that’s just not true. I know I’m not going to convince you, but the Tea Party is not about racism. Preferring limited government / lower taxes has NOTHING to do with racism. Yes there’s some money behind the movement, but that’s not the point. There’s money behind every movement. You asked where these people were during the Bush years. Well they were sitting on the sidelines not paying attention. That’s what makes this group interesting. These are people who are NOT typically motivated by politics. They were a slumbering giant, but they woke up. Bailing out the auto industry. Bailing out the banks. Bailing out the insurance industry. Huge stimulus program that was promised to help keep down unemployment. And a healthcare bill that was rammed through Congress via old school politics when the American people didn’t want it in the first place. Not the change they were promised. And not just Obama. This was also Bush and Congress that woke the giant. And now that these people are awake, they’re swinging a real big stick. They’re going to take out quite a few democrats in Congress, and they’ve already taken out some moderate republicans.

    And of course most of them ARE republicans. They’re fiscal conservatives, and most of the time will vote republican. But they’re NOT establishment republicans. In states like Arkansas and Delaware, they’re throwing OUT the establishment republicans who they believe are too fiscally moderate, much to the chagrin of the republican party.

    INDEPENDENTS: I was curious if your point about independents had any validity or not (that Independents are just embarrassed republicans fleeing the party), so I looked it up. Here’s some information from Gallup:

    While the % of people who claim affiliation to reps / dems / ind shift over time, they really don’t shift a lot. Matter of fact, this chart goes back to January of 04, and the numbers are virtually identical to their most recent polling. The numbers don’t seem to indicate that independents are just republicans who flew the coop.

    BUDGETS: I promise I will tackle this at some point in the future. But Ralphie, the GREAT MYTH is that we don’t have enough money to fund our priorities. The GREAT REALITY is that we don’t set priorities, and then we try to fund everything. We need to set our priorities and fund them sufficiently. And stop funding things that are NOT our priorities.

    ONE LAST THING: You end your post by writing “I agree, the tea party does reflect our country, and we live in a racist, ignorant, uneducated country.” Ralphie I get discouraged too, but this is a great country. We do more good, and give more of our own money and time than ANYBODY else in the world. Some country gets hit by a hurricane or an earthquake, and Americans across the country are making donations. And not just a little. Typically millions of dollars. People are not ignorant. They do not always have the time to become informed, but right now, Americans are more knowledgeable and interested in a mid-term election than I have EVER witnessed in my lifetime. And they are taking the time to become informed about the issues. Many of them have just reached a different conclusion than you have reached about the proper role of government in our lives. And they’re trying to do something about it.

  10. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Hey Nick, agreed that campaign reform is needed. Would also like to see term limits. When the hell did being a politician become a “career”?

  11. Ralphie Says:

    Thanks Lee, youre a good blogger for not censoring my comments and replying back. I dont mean anything too personally towards you or the bob’s or the other seemingly conservative folks that comment on your blog.

    My argument is more nuanced that you have stated. I dont say all tea partiers are racist – just some of them. Not all of them are motivated by their view of ‘limited government’, just some of them.

    I should note that notes that Obama extended to the banks and car companies are all being paid back or have been paid back, with interest. Just like when the US bailed out Chrysler – we got the money back with interest. I dont like that they didnt put economy-stimulating stipulations on the banks for the money, that was stupid.

    I would be the last person that says we shouldnt cut spending. But im not naive enough to think they can cut all the stuff that the right wants to cut, anymore than im naive enough to think they can kill the stuff that the left would like killed (ex – Guantanamo Bay).

    I heard Obama say tonight this economic situation was worse than the last 3 recessions added together. You can do the math or listen to whomever you like about how bad it is or was, but its freaking historically bad. We had unprecedented collapses of major US industries that you mentioned, autos, banks, etc. Its easy to say now, after having come through the other side, that he should have just let all of these titans collapse, and then watch all the surrounding eco-system companies collapse, and then maybe go hang out in Crawford or somewhere, and at some point come stand before a podium, say youre giving a tax cut for the last big companies standing as the one big panacea (trickle-on economics), and then go back into his ranch house. Would have you preferred that? If you voted for Bush twice i guess so.

  12. Ralphie Says:

    Sorry Lee, i just realized my comments about Independents are so 2008. They now call themselves Tea Partiers. Once they take back a house or two, they will go back to calling themselves Republicans.

  13. Frank Says:

    Tuning in to this blog and can’t believe what I’m reading. If you read this start to finish, can you? Seriously?
    I get what Lee posted in the original article – racism in the tea party mirrors racism in the country, and the tea party was slow to demonize them. Wait, didn’t you say something else – twice? “There is no room for racism in our country, and it should ALWAYS be condemned.” Clearly a honkey, bitch for big business talking here. (NOTE: sarcasm)
    I don’t understand why Lee takes the time to take you seriously Ralphie. It seems that no matter what the blog topic, you just want to throw some shit at Lee and see what sticks. Why would/should Lee defend everyone who disagrees with you Ralphie, no matter what the blog topic is? (See GWB, Brownback or Angle.) Give me a break.
    And I love that when Lee actually attempts to answer these off-the-topic fastballs, every Ralphie post ends with a version of “well, it’s better than GWB!” If nothing sticks, you can always go back to that argument. But it is wearing thin.
    I remember watching a pres debate in ’08 where Obama accused McCain of just wanting to cut taxes across the board. McCain tried to defend his position, but was clearly outmatched on the issue. Obama said he wanted to go in with a scalpel and cut what wasn’t working, and fund what was. He said something like – you don’t amputate when you have a broken leg. Obama was a champ to me that night. But he must have lost his scalpel. Instead of NOT amputating or FIXING the broken leg, he is gonna give the guy another leg. There’s a lot of people in our country who are sick and tired of seeing spending like crazy without any indication of the cuts. That is a growing GRASS-ROOTS sentiment, like it or not.

  14. just plano Bob Says:

    dam Ralphie, I’m with Lance – didn’t even finish all your rant. Honky? That is so 1970ish. Maybe you should use the term “paper plate”, it’s more updated. Well, at least I know where you stand on racism – thanks for proving a point ralph-malph.

    ***eye roll***

  15. ralphie Says:

    This would be tea party worth getting excited about – not the whites-only (christians only) country club Tea Party that youre calling a mainstream movement.

  16. Frank Says:

    “Tea Party” too radical for you, Ralphie? I guess so if you honestly believe that the Tea Party is made up of racist, whites only, Christians only, Country Clubbers, Big Business economically peeing on the rest of us poor enlightened folk.
    Do you think you are funny? Calling people names? Or is that just a “nuance”?
    If you weren’t such a Berserker, you might see that the some who sympathize with the Tea Party also sympathize with the militant middle.

  17. Ralphie Says:

    I wish i could come to another conclusion Frank, but the last president was far worse, and yet all these people had no protest in them, and in fact, were mostly the crowd that elected the dictator George Bush, twice. And i dont think the tea party is made up of big business types, just people like Lee who have bought their propaganda hook line and sinker.

  18. Lee Eldridge Says:

    You know Ralphie, I understand the allure of liberalism. I’ve been there. I was a democrat. I was a liberal. I voted for Clinton. I supported gays in the military and universal healthcare. I bought it, hook, line and sinker. We had these big domestic issues that needed our attention, and the evil republicans who were owned by the oil companies were too engaged in Kuwait to worry about our real problems at home.

    Liberalism “sounds” great. The rich don’t need ALL that money they earned. Let’s just tax them a little more so we can fix all of our problems: healthcare, the homeless, education, AIDs, cancer, crime, drugs, etc. We can rid ourselves of our dependence on oil and gas. The environment is in trouble. An ice age is coming. Or sorry, that was the ’70s. Global warming is going to melt the polar ice caps. Robin Hood to the rescue. The government can “fix” all of these problems. They have a “plan”. All we have to do is redistribute some wealth. Take from the rich. Give to the poor. Well, we don’t actually give it to the poor. We setup huge government bureaucracies to fix these big problems. I’m onboard. Let’s DO IT!

    Unfortunately big government solutions are typically not solutions at all. They rarely do more than take money from the rich and create piles of paperwork as we shuffle the money around from department to department. We’ve been faced with the same problems for generations, and spending more money and creating huge government programs doesn’t work. Other than the military, I can’t name one big government institution or program that’s actually “fixed” any of our problems.

    I’m tired of the two parties. The republicans want to spend money to fix our problems, and the democrats want to spend even MORE money to fix our problems. Yet all they really do is shuffle money to their friends. The republicans shuffle money to big business. Democrats shuffle money to the unions. And we’re left paying the bill.

    And the federal government grows and grows and grows. It becomes more powerful and encroaches further into our lives every year. I think it’s time to fix our BIGGEST problem — the federal government.

  19. just plano Bob Says:

    oh they had a protest in them malph, they did NOT vote in ’08. Ask my mom, which still pisses me off.

    mom: “bush makes me mad; blah, blah, blah.” “I do not like him anymore.”
    son: “i know ma, me too. But you should have voted, look what we got now!”

    And, I will never, ever try to stand up for Lee. He can do that all by himself. BUT, knowing him since 2nd grade, he buys nothing hook line and sinker. I have fought with him since mcain/obama debates. And even though you keep assuming he voted mcain, I will have to differ and say I think he voted barry. I have never asked, he has never asked me. We argued plenty over what I “thought” this president would do to our country and he never fell for my “words” hook line and sinker. The country is waking up man, even lifetime dems are saying “whoa” to this crap. Sorry to tell ya buddy!!! Your progressive party is all you have left. (NO pun intended)

    Frank – dead on man!

    And your link wants me to actually believe stewart is a moderate………wow, got to go get my boots now.

  20. just plano Bob Says:

    Clinton? well, you were young brother; I forgive you. 🙂 That’s okay, so did my woman. 😉 I am with you on cleaning up the feds. They are killing us….

  21. Bobby Says:

    now THAT is entertainment folks

  22. Ralphie Says:

    Good news lee and friends is limited govt is on the way. Boehner and McConnell are the iron chefs of do nothing-limited govt style approach. Well they will crank up the corporate welfare which of course y’all like being rich republican sympathizers.

  23. Ralphie Says:

    Here you are Lee, here’s some more data on the “mainstream” tea party that you are so excited to defend. What are your thoughts on this study?

  24. Lee Eldridge Says:

    I don’t find anything very surprising in that article. Matter of fact, here’s what I mentioned in my original post:

    “My personal reservation about the Tea Party is the number of social conservatives that are involved, and the overriding religious theme that always seems to show up with social conservatives.”

  25. Lee Eldridge Says:

    BTW — Isn’t our President a Christian?

  26. Ralphie Says:

    Bottom line Lee is that the Tea Party is for the large part nothing more than a rebranding of the right wing of the right wing. Nothing more. Have they done a splendid job convincing people like you that they are more than that? Clearly.

    Who writes a blog saying they arent racists and then has a statement saying ‘by the way, i do have reservations about their extremism’.

    Whatever Lee. Looking forward to your post on why the John Birch Society is actually an important movement that everyone should pay attention to. BTW, why did you feel the need to tear down the labor rally? Did you have anything to say about the right wing rally Glenn Beck put on?

    You are a republican Lee, ive said it once, ill say it 1000 times more. I dont know why that embarrasses you to admit that you are a right-leaning individual, period. You totally identify with the right every chance possible and shoot down the left every chance possible. If someone analyzed all your blog posts ill bet it would prove that point. Thats definitely not the definition of an Independent. Hell, fox news has more objectivity than this blog.

    The fact that Obama is Christian dont mean a damn thing, because he is bigger than that, unlike the tea party crowd who only want their fellow white jesus freaks to be their circle of influence. And we all know what crazy ass emails get floated through these churches!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ralphie Says:

    One final flogging of the horse:

    To quote another line from your blog:
    “And the data does not suggest that the Tea Party is any more or less racist than the country itself. The left can continue to call them racists and radicals, but it’s not working. The country isn’t buying it.”

    actually Lee the data from the cited study does suggest that the Tea Party is more radical in every way then groups that are traditionally seen as radical. As for the ‘the country isnt buying it’, what country are you referring to? Maybe that was a misprint and you meant to say ‘county’ and you were referring to your county?

  28. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Sorry Ralphie. Can’t play today. Loads of work on my desk. Another time…

  29. Ralphie Says:

    How do you feel about foreign governments and foreign companies funneling money through the US Chamber of Commerce to republican candidates?

  30. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Hey Ralphie. Good Friday to you. You caught me right before I shut it down for the day.

    To answer your question, I don’t like it. I also don’t like media companies endorsing candidates, and donating money (News Corp just gave $1M to the republican governors association). The two parties are corrupt with all the big money that comes in. Their priorities are seldom to do what’s best for the American people.

  31. Ralphie Says:

    Glad you agree that the high level business community engages in anti-American activities. Good Friday to you as well.

  32. Lee Eldridge Says:

    That’s not remotely what I said.

    I said that I don’t like foreign money finding their way into our elections.

    And I said I don’t think the media should endorse or donate to political campaigns.

    And I said that the two parties are corrupt.

  33. Ralphie Says:

    this is the most corrupt abuse and sellout of Americans ever in the history of us politics but pedictably you don’t have it in you to call it what it is.

  34. Lee Eldridge Says:

    You know Ralphie, I honestly try to take what you say seriously, and understand the points you attempt to make. But I don’t have any clue what this last exchange was even about. You asked about foreign money coming through the US Chamber of Commerce to Republicans. Which I replied is bad. I assume you agree or you wouldn’t have asked.

    And then you leap to “the high level business community engages in anti-American activities” and “this is the most corrupt abuse and sellout of Americans ever in the history of us politics”

    I would love some explanation of these two comments — and what they have to do with your original question.

  35. Ralphie Says:

    What more info is needed? Republicans are sold out to big business who are selling out our jobs and sovereignty.

  36. Ralphie Says:

    The chamber hates democrats, always has, and is giving this $ to republican candidates including tea partiers. In turn, the Rs peddle the Chamber wishes- fight min wage increases, etc etc. That’s what I’m talking about.

  37. Ralphie Says:

    Your party of the boardroom has lost their soul. I agree dems engage in the dirty sport of politics (what you are calling blanketly “corrupt”) but dems, at least mist if them, would NEVER screw the people the way the right is screwing this country, at a time when we can least afford it. If you don’t see this, then I don’t know what to say brother.