Healthcare Reform Likely to Pass Despite Public Opinion

March 19th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

Dr. ObamaIt appears that President Obama will get his vote this weekend, and it’s sounding more and more as if healthcare reform is going to pass.

At this point I only hope I’m wrong about how bad this bill will be for our country.

According to Rasmussen, polls have remained steady with 53% of those polled opposing theĀ  bill, and only 43% in favor of the bill. Those findings include 23% who strongly favor the plan and 46% who strongly oppose it.

A few other points of interest:

57% of voters believe the health care reform plan will hurt the economy.

55% of voters believe the cost of health care will go up.

Only 24% of voters think the quality of health care will be better, while 52% say it will get worse.

76% of those with insurance now rate their own coverage as good or excellent.

55% of voters would like to see Congress scrap this plan and start over.

51% fear the federal government more than they fear private insurance companies.

This has been a truly amazing process. I can think of no other issue in recent history where the American people have become this involved and educated on a political and social issue, and have so proactively voiced their opinions. Yet the administration and Congress have decided that they know better, and plan to twist every arm and cut every deal necessary to get the votes they need to pass this bill.

Truly amazing.

3 Responses to “Healthcare Reform Likely to Pass Despite Public Opinion”

  1. Just Plano Bob Says:

    I know, even though I “fought” this from the very beginning (cuz I was informed), I’m saddened that my “alarmist” views are starting to take palce. It is a disgusting show of events that is taking place now!!

  2. Bobby Says:

    I like how Real Clear Politics averages out over several polls. They have on avg across polls 49.1 against and 40.4 in favor of this reform.

    Clearly people don’t want this, and the dems will go down in 2010 as a result.

  3. Julie A Says:

    The beginnings of a soft tyranny…… people who haven’t been paying attention, will feel the effects soon enough.

    There will be lawsuits, and many states will resist, but it will be an uphill battle to repeal. Although I must say, this country is a political powderkeg. If they have the audacity to go after amnesty next…. oh boy

    And wow, KU lost too. Kind of a downer weekend