Happy New Year, A New Chapter Begins

December 31st, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Happy New YearWith each new year we begin a new chapter in our lives. People who know me know how I feel about personal responsibility. I have always believed that we control our own destiny. That we are accountable for our successes. And our failures. That while we can’t always control what happens to us, we can control how we react to the circumstances we face. And it’s how we react and move on that tells the greatest story.

This chapter has been a difficult one for so many people. It’s certainly been my most difficult chapter to write. I’ve been faced with decisions I never wanted to make. Had to face my biggest failures. And had to decide what to do next when their were no good choices to be made. Every time it felt like it couldn’t get any worse, it did. It’s been a humbling and life-altering year.

Through it all I’ve done my best to keep it in perspective. It hasn’t always worked. I have a friend who has been my inspiration, and he doesn’t even know it. When I’ve been at my lowest moments, I think of him. He lost his son several years ago during a freak accident while on vacation. He and his wife, and their remaining son, had to pick back up the pieces of their lives and move on. I can’t even imagine the emotional obstacles they faced. But they persevered. They moved on. And they’ve continued to write new chapters for their lives. I can imagine nothing worse. What I’ve had to face is nothing in comparison.

Tomorrow my new chapter begins. I will do my best to write a good one. I will make this a chapter to remember.

I hope all of you have a wonderful new year. And that this next chapter is your best chapter yet.

5 Responses to “Happy New Year, A New Chapter Begins”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Perfectly said, Lee. Tough times, for sure. But ready for what is next. With you.

  2. Darren Keller Says:

    Well said, dear friend. Sometimes it takes a crises to bring out our best. Some of the most succussful business people lost multiple businesses and declared multiple bankruptcies before hitting the big time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Your courage is an inspiration.

  3. Bobby Says:

    I’m not exactly sure what all this means, but I’m with you. A good chapter for all.

  4. cindy Says:

    I’ve learned many of the same lessons you’ve mentioned and ones of my own. Last year was a struggle and yet, I just knew that “everything will work out.” It’s faith in the Universe, and myself, it’s me knowing that I will take the action needed, actions learned and actions from research and actions from suggestions made by others. I don’t fear tomorrow anymore. I focus on living each day, moment by moment because, really that’s all I’m guaranteed. When I was married and raising a daughter, then divorced and raising same daughter, I found myself in “auto pilot” so much of the time. The first 9 years of divorce, financial fears, parental fears, trying to raise a daughter, it was too much. When I wasn’t in motion, I was asleep. It’s been 2 years since life changed to a more peaceful, serene, happy place to be.

    This year will be more searching for where my place is now. What do I want to do; photography, theatre, gathering women to discuss issues, volunteering. So many possibilities.

    I will say that Love and Peace will keep the Earth alive. If we don’t eliminate the greed for power and money and get back humanity for all, the Earth will be destroyed and nobody wins. I came up with a slogan last summer:

    Power and Money killed Humanity.

    Think it over.

  5. cindy Says:

    Thought about this more – the Earth is falling apart. If adversaries continue attacks to gain control and if the people of the Earth don’t start treating their environment with respect, the Earth will be gone. The nations of the world need to understand this as well. Then All of us, as a “species” are respecting what belongs to all of us.

    It seems the American Dream was realized by many up to 1980’s? Then a wave came along and “corporation careers” were the buzz. This new world shows what greed for power and wealth can do.

    So, “keep on smilin!” to all you meet. Practice the Golden Rule and give of yourself .


    Oh yea, if all the world is working for a common goal, there wouldn’t be a need to fight; would there?