Fans and Media Want More Derrick Johnson

October 23rd, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Derrick JohnsonBetween talk radio and the blogs, it’s apparent that Derrick Johnson has many fans in Kansas City. Even among the media. DJ seems like a good guy. And he may be the most athletic player on the Chiefs defense. Fans are screaming that the Chiefs need to play Johnson more, and that he’s their best defensive player. Media members continue to quiz Haley on DJ’s role in the defense. They want to know why he’s not on the field. This has become a common and repeated criticism of Haley and Pioli.

The answer is simple. Johnson’s not on the field because he’s underachieved as a linebacker.

When he was drafted everybody thought that he was the steal of the draft, falling all the way to number 15 in the first round after many predicted him to be taken in the top ten. And every year we hear that THIS is the year that Johnson needs to step up and play to his ability.

So far, he’s not done so. I applaud Haley for placing a premium on results, not talent.

Here’s the Star’s Adam Teicher’s vlog on Derrick Johnson. I’m in complete agreement with Adam on this one.

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