Chiefs Trade DE Alex Magee

October 20th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

Kansas City Chiefs Trade Alex MageeYou can say this about Todd Haley and Scott Pioli, they’re not afraid to make a decision. Alex Magee was the Chiefs’ third round pick last year in the NFL draft. And now he’s been traded to the Bucs.

Many head coaches and general managers are so concerned about admitting they’ve made a mistake that they’ll hold onto a player even after they’ve decided that the player no longer fits into their future plans. Especially when that player was one of their top draft picks. But Pioli and Haley have a vision of what they want. And who they want. Apparently Magee was no longer part of that picture.

Why? I don’t know. And I’m not sure I care. Pioli has earned my trust. Despite a weak 2009 draft class, the 2010 draft class looks fabulous. The Chiefs are an improved football team with a vision of becoming a championship football team.

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