Chiefs Final 53 for 2010

September 4th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

Kansas City ChiefsI had planned to provide my predictions for the Chiefs 53 man roster, but time has been short. Adam Teicher at the Star made his predictions a few days ago, and his are very close to mine anyway. There are just a few interesting decisions to be made. Though here are a few comments I would add to Adam’s article.

Quarterbacks: I’ve been unimpressed with Tyler Palko. Would not be surprised to see the Chiefs scan the waiver wire and pick somebody up in the next couple of days to replace Palko on the final roster.

Running Backs and Wide Receivers: I’ve got the Chiefs keeping ten players between these two positions, though I lean towards FB Mike Cox over WR Terrance Copper compared to Adam’s prediction. Both are good special teams players, but it would be easier to work Cox into the offense. Copper won’t get on the field as a wide receiver. It could sure go either way. I really like the upgrades this team has made at WR compared to last year’s team with Chambers, McCluster, Horne and Urban. The running back that I really like who looks destined to be cut is Javarris Williams. I think he’s got potential. Just no room for him with how Jackie Battle has played this preseason.

Offensive Line: Adam has the team keeping nine lineman, which is about right. And it’s easy for me to say this now, but I had guard Darryl Harris over Ikechuku Ndukwe, who was just released. Harris started training camp running with the first team while Brian Waters was held out of practice. Seemed pretty clear that they like Harris better than Ndukwe. What I don’t know for sure is the severity of Harris’ injury. A couple of lineman with potential are going to get cut. I hate seeing the Chiefs cut Colin Brown, but don’t see any room for him on the roster. Hopefully they can get him on the practice squad.

Defensive Line: Adam has predicted that Alex Magee, who was a third round draft pick last year, will be cut. I think it’s more likely they keep Magee as the seventh defensive lineman, and go lighter somewhere else. Though Magee is obviously on the bubble.

Linebackers: Will the Chiefs keep eight or nine here? The first eight appear to be locks. Adam has predicted they keep David Herron for his special teams play as the ninth linebacker. For my roster, Herron might be the guy I cut to keep Magee. Another thought is undrafted rookie Cory Greenwood, who seems to make a play every time he’s on the field. My prediction is Greenwood over Herron here. Though they could probably get Greenwood onto the practice squad.

Defensive Backs: Adam has the team keeping ten defensive backs, which is a lot. I think eight or nine is more likely here. And going lighter here will allow the team to keep Magee and possibly a ninth linebacker. Or even one more offensive lineman. With safety Jarrad Page finally signing his tender, this will get even more interesting.

Final Thoughts: The team clearly has more talent than last year’s team. And while the ’09 draft class remains unimpressive, the ’10 draft class looks like it could become one of the Chiefs’ best draft classes in many years. Many of these guys will be contributing right away (Berry, McCluster, Arenas, Moeaki and Lewis), and a few more look like they’ll get the chance eventually (Asamoah and Sheffield). And then add to that two undrafted rookies who might make the team in Horne and possibly Greenwood, and that’s quite a group of rookies.

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