Chiefs Add Romeo Crennel to Staff

January 15th, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

Romeo CrennelIt’s early January and the Chiefs have already had a very productive off-season. Chiefs fans who look at the additions of Charlie Weis as offensive coordinator and Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator and aren’t excited have become too jaded to look at this for what it is. The Chiefs have hired two of the most successful coordinators of the last decade. I posted weeks ago that the additions of Weis and Crennel should be Chiefs priority number one.

Experience and Success: Weis and Crennel have a combined six Super Bowl rings as coordinators for the New England Patriots. Are there any other teams in the league with this much proven talent at their coordinator positions? And both have been head coaches, which will help Todd Haley greatly as he continues to learn how to be an NFL head coach.

Instant Credibility: Many in the media have written how the Chiefs will have a tough time attracting high-quality free agents to Kansas City. I’ve never bought into this mindset. In my opinion, it’s typically the money that matters. Players go where they’ll be paid the most. Few choose smaller contract offers for a chance to “win it all” with a certain team. Though a few may choose slightly smaller contracts to stay with their current team if they’re comfortable with their current situation. But if you DO buy into this mindset, then feel good that the additions of Weis and Crennel WILL be a selling point for the Chiefs as they talk to free agents.

Not a Lost Year: Watching the 2009 season unfold, it was difficult not to get frustrated. It often felt like a wasted year. But now it starts to feel like the pieces are falling into place. The firing of offensive coordinator Chan Gailey right before the ’09 season looked like a mistake at the time. But with the implementation of Haley’s offense, and now the addition of Charlie Weis as coordinator, the Chiefs will begin this off-season much further along than if they had kept Gailey and fired him after the season. And on defense, the Chiefs had tried to hire Romeo Crennel last year, but the timing just wasn’t right for Crennel. The Chiefs implemented the 3-4, and got a year of the new defense under their belt. Not a very successful year. But a year nonetheless.

What’s Next: The Chiefs still need to dramatically improve their roster. And until there’s some resolution to the collective bargaining agreement, teams will find it difficult to begin their off-season plans. The state of the CBA will tremendously impact free agency this year. But having said that, I still don’t expect the Chiefs to make a huge splash in free agency. I don’t think that’s Pioli’s style. And as I’ve posted before, great teams are built through the draft, not through free agency. But the Chiefs will need to find a few additions in free agency. And they must have a draft that can help this team immediately.

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