Chiefs 2011 Opponents Determined

January 12th, 2011 by Lee Eldridge

Kansas City ChiefsYowza. Have you seen the Chiefs’ list of 2011 opponents yet? The Chiefs will need to continue their development if they have any hopes of matching their 2010 record of 10-6.

Like every season, the Chiefs will face their AFC West rivals. This accounts for six of their 16 regular season games. In 2010, the Chiefs went 2-4 against their division. They must improve on this record to defend their title of AFC West Champs.

The Chiefs will play the AFC East this year, which includes New England, New York (Jets), Buffalo and Miami. Two teams who are very good, and two teams who are very capable on any given Sunday.

The Chiefs will also face off against the NFC North, which includes Green Bay, Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit. Again, two very good teams, and two capable teams. Detroit is no longer the doormat they’ve been for years.

And their two final games will come as a result of the NFL’s unbalanced schedule. Since the Chiefs were first in their division, they must play the winners of each of the divisions in the AFC. They will already play New England, but add to that Indianapolis and Pittsburgh to finish up the schedule.

Good luck Chiefs. Could be a very tough season.

One Response to “Chiefs 2011 Opponents Determined”

  1. Wesley Says:

    At least if we’re good next season nobody can say we had a soft schedule haha. Its gonna be tough though. And I’m pretty sure the New England, New York, and Indy games are all on the road. Ouch