Broncos 3-0, I’m Not Buyin’

October 1st, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

Denver BroncosThe Denver Broncos may be 3-0 and sitting atop the AFC West, but I’m not buying that they’re a very good team. Take a quick comparison to whom the Broncos have played compared to whom the Chiefs have played.

Denver Broncos

Beat the Cincinnati Bengals 12-7 on a last second fluke play. Last year the Bengals were 4-11-1. Though this year the Bengals are 2-1, and should probably be 3-0.

Beat the Cleveland Browns 27-6. The Browns were 4-12 last year, and have started this season 0-3. The Browns are awful.

Beat the Oakland Raiders 23-3. Last year the Raiders were 5-11, and this year have started 1-2. Their only win coming against the Chiefs. The Raiders are awful.

Kansas City Chiefs

Lost to the Baltimore Ravens 38-24. Last year the Ravens were 11-5 and played in the AFC Championship Game. They’ve started this year 3-0.

Lost to the Raiders 13-10 despite dominating them during the game.

Lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 34-14. Last year the Eagles were 9-6-1 and played in the NFC Championship Game. They’ve started this year 2-1, only losing to a very good Saints team on the road.


What does this mean? Mostly that the AFC West is just not very good. The Broncos have been able to take advantage of weak opponents early in their schedule. What would their record be today if they had played the Chiefs schedule? Probably no better than 1-2. The Ravens and the Eagles certainly appear to be two of the elite teams early on in the season. The Broncos are not.

One Response to “Broncos 3-0, I’m Not Buyin’”

  1. Bobby Says:

    The Broncos have one thing the Chiefs don’t have — a good offensive line. Makes a lot of difference.