Bill Clinton Understands Priorities in Gulf

July 1st, 2010 by Lee Eldridge

Want to know why President Obama has finally succumbed to accepting assistance in the gulf? Because of people like Bill Clinton. Listen carefully to what President Clinton says in this clip. He says that Obama has gotten a bum rap on this “empathy issue”, but Clinton clearly disagrees with Obama’s priorities and handling of this catastrophe. Clinton says that we should accept assistance, and that the least important thing to do right now is to assign blame. “I think we need to get all this stuff over here (referring to assistance from other countries) and just work on solving the problem.” I agree with Clinton completely.

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2 Responses to “Bill Clinton Understands Priorities in Gulf”

  1. Frank Says:


  2. Bobby Says:

    Bill is so good. I’d say he called Obama out pretty darn good. He can twist a knife and smile at the same time. I’m sure Obama is like “Et tu, Brute?”