AOL Radio

October 18th, 2009 by Lee Eldridge

I’m a fan of Pandora to listen to music online. In particular they play interesting versions of songs, and not always the original. It’s fun to pick an artist or music style, and see what they decide to play that’s similar. But I have grown tired of the constant interruptions of “Are you still listening?” So I set out to look at some other online music choices, and have fallen in love with AOL Radio! Great selection of stations. Plenty of great music. And few interruptions.

My favorite so far is the ’80s Alternative station. Where else can I listen to Devo, the Talking Heads, Berlin, the Cure, Depeche Mode and more?

2 Responses to “AOL Radio”

  1. Darren Keller Says:

    Is AOL radio free? I’m paying for Serious Sat radio and it has great stations, like the classic alternative station you mentioned, but if AOL is free, I would consider doing without sat radio.

  2. Lee Eldridge Says:

    Yep. Free. I think of TSM all the time when I listen to the ’80s Alternative station.

    Listening to the “Piano Rock” station right now.