About Lee

Lee EldridgeWhile a bio feels a little self-serving, here it is anyway.

Sports Fan
I grew up watching the NFL with my dad on Sundays. Dad was quite the sports fan, and that’s certainly something we shared. The Chiefs weren’t on TV much back then, so I primarily watched and rooted for the Steelers and the Raiders. Upon moving to Lawrence in 1986 to finish my degree I was quickly indoctrinated into college basketball. I was lucky enough to have season tickets during my years at KU including our championship season of 1988. College hoops and the NFL remain my two primary sports passions, though I do have some love for the Royals as well. They’ve just been a bit tough to love these last 20 years.

Other than following presidential elections, I really had little use for politics in my youth. I was a fan of Ronald Reagan and probably would have considered myself a republican during the ’80s, though I knew little about politics. During college I started watching more news and political coverage. By ’92 I considered myself a democrat as certain domestic issues were becoming more important to me. In hindsight I realize that I had been swayed by the media to believe some things that were untrue. By ’96 I had come to understand liberal media bias, and had become dissatisfied with both political parties. I have been a registered independent ever since. I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I have no love for either party, but enjoy watching and analyzing politics. It’s almost as much fun as watching football.

My life has taken some unexpected twists and turns over the years. Along with my wife Kristin, I own Snap Promotions, a promotional marketing company. Please view our company’s website, and let me know if there’s anything we can do for you. I’ve always had a passion for marketing and business development.

As co-owner and president of PilgrimPage, Inc., a marketing and design firm from 1993 to 2009, I’ve been involved in marketing and branding for many years. I was responsible for launching an online promotional products company called Absorbent, Ink in 2001. During my time with the company, Absorbent, Ink was twice recognized by the Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country, and repeatedly recognized by Counselor magazine as one of the top ten fastest growing distributorships and best places to work within the promotional products industry. We closed PilgrimPage in 2009 and sold the Absorbent, Ink website.

Other than family, I’ve probably had no greater passion than music. I played music professionally for many years. I am currently playing with the Shmedleys. You can see our unfinished website here, or follow us on Facebook here.

My life would be incomplete without my family. I met Kristin in 1991. Though our courtship was rather long, we didn’t marry until ’97, it’s been more than I could have imagined. We have three beautiful children: Brooke, John and Ryan.

Updated: 12-10-2013